Has anyone made a REALLY good roll bar for a 911?

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Has anyone made a REALLY good roll bar for a 911?

Postby DC on Wed Aug 18, 2004 11:38 pm

Hi Guys,

I want to put a roll bar in my 993 and all of the ones I've seen are not high enough to the roof to be really effective. I have a racecar with a custom welded cage and the idea is to get the bars as close to the roof as possible so the impact is immediately transferred to the cage, rather than having the car crush 'til it hits the roll bar. If you see a car rolled with too short of a bar (I have), you'll notice the roof crushed down 'til it kind of shrink-wraps the bar. In my mind, this crushing is the thing to avoid so your melon doesn't get pushed into your spine, bell rung, etc. I was at the Monterey Historics this past wknd, and pointed this same problem out on a spanking new GT3 w/techquipment bar in it!....That bar's real pretty to look at, but look at how low it is! Not good. I'd like to avoid the major expense of a custom deal like I did on the racecar, since my 993 will only be used on track occasionally for TTs. Anyone find a pre-fab'd bar setup that really gets up there to the roof? Also, I'm thinking of welding mounting plates to the chassis and bolting through that to distribute the load on impact rather than mounting to existing bolt locations. This combination of high bar and really stout floor mounting should make for a good rollbar solution without necessarily destroying the interior and could still be unbolted if needed. At least that's my thought. The bar should be built to protect much as possible, I just haven't seen one that looks good to me, yet.

Anyone come across something that meets the description of what I'm wanting?

Thanks a ton for your input on this!

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Postby Pete Millikin on Thu Aug 19, 2004 9:05 am

I had an Autopower weld in cage installed in my 86 911 recently and I'm pretty happy with the fit. I'm pretty tall (6 2") so I was concerned about fit to the roof and space between the cage and
my mellon.

An Autopower bolt in bar or a modified weld in bar might work for you.
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