Performance Driver's School - September 23, 24, 25, 2016

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Performance Driver's School - September 23, 24, 25, 2016

Postby LUCKY DAVE on Fri Jul 08, 2016 6:20 pm

Yes folks, we are once again holding a three day performance driving school, this time in September, and all for a paltry $475. Our school compares well with other schools that charge $8,000, we can do this because we are an all volunteer club.
Just think, you have that super fast Porsche with more overall performance than a Formula 1 car of twenty years ago, and nowhere to safely drive it at the limit. Or perhaps this is your first Porsche and you are wondering just where the car's limits actually are? (hint - you won't believe it when you see it!) Perfect, the performance driving school is tailor made for you.
Our highly skilled instructors will teach you the basics of high performance driving, from first principles, enhancing both your performance driving ability and you daily driving safety. Drivers with zero performance driving or track experience are welcome, this school is for you! All driving activities are conducted in a very safe, legal, controlled environment, not on public roads. All exercise elements and track layouts are marked with special extra soft traffic cones, so when you blow a corner and run wide (and you will, it's all part of learning performance driving) it won't hurt anything.
See the current Windblown Witness more information or contact one of the Chief Driving Instructors (David Malmberg, Christopher Riordan, Keith Verlaque) for more information.

Instructors, Volunteers, AX and Tech team members, now is the time to plan the rest of your life around this event. Forget that vacation, you know this is the most important thing you will ever do, and we can't run this great program without you.
The ugly rumors flying around that our Evil Overlords -AKA "The Board" are demanding we take a pay cut for working this event are false. I promise - honest :roll: - you will be paid exactly the same as last time.....nothing. Nothing but plenty of smiles from really stoked students that is.
Well, that and meals during the event and a track session on Sunday.
David Malmberg

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