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Postby LUCKY DAVE on Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:49 pm

If you are planning to instruct at the PDS Sept 24-25 please sign up on motorsport.reg so we have a head count.
If you're not planning to instruct.........CHANGE YOUR MIND...we need you!

In the past instructors have had run groups at the end of the day Sunday.
However, they were sometimes too short to be worth the trouble, or the two groups weren't equally long. This time we are going to pay close attention to the length of the instructor run groups and instead of making them 20-ish minutes long we intend to make them as long as possible with the track staying hot until five o'clock when we have to stop.
Our goal is for every instructor to get a lot of laps.
So, bring tires that though they may be heat cycled out or otherwise dead for racing, have plenty of tread depth on them. We all have "those tires" sitting around somewhere don't we? The ones with all the spiders living in them at the back of the garage? Well, mount 'em up and bring 'em out, this is the Senior Prom you've been "saving" them for.
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