Thanks AX team

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Thanks AX team

Postby Tim Comeau on Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:51 am

Interesting little track, which turned out to be quite fast. That is, after the river flood dirt was blown off to the sides, right? :shock: Dirt berms to the left and right of the line. You could really see when drivers got off line because of the resulting dust up. :lol: Great to see people and get a chance to talk a bit. Really nice to see Paul Haas and Margie Smith Haas, PCA members since 1973! Margie is one of our local driving success stories, having started out driving in the same parking lot and making it all the way to the 24 Hours of Le Mans.......twice. That fit nicely with Mark Curran's repeated mentioning of the local ladies upping their game with some very competitive lap times. Fun to see.
Only bad part of the day was the swale claiming one of the front shocks on our lowered racing 924S. Between the dirt and the swale, I think I could have taken TTOD.......if I had a Cayenne. :mrgreen:
Now, on to the big push to get the rest of the cars ready for the Festival of Speed.
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Re: Thanks AX team

Postby Gary Burch on Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:53 am

there are 2 good swale crossings in the se lot
those should determine track layout
other than that it was a very fun day
enjoyed hangin with tweed at the end
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Re: Thanks AX team

Postby martinreinhardt on Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:14 pm

Thanks for the great event. It was great to be back and see everyone. The track was fun and dusty!

Here are some pictures from the awards ceremony.
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Re: Thanks AX team

Postby AGill on Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:47 pm

Thanks for all the hard work by Mark Curran and the AX team for another great track and well run event. I think the Timing team also needs a thank you as they are the unsung hero; we often just expect timing to work and when it doesn't we get frustrated not knowing the reasons why or the hard work in the trailer that is going on to figure it out. I was in and out of the trailer a lot getting tools and such fixing cars and saw the diligent work of Herb and the rest of the team. Thanks you!

Martin, great to see you and very good drive getting into the 56s for the TTOD. You always bring the "A" game and bring great times and consistency. Jennifer, great drive by you as well getting in the 58s in the same car and a top ten!

The track was surprisingly fun and fast. There were a couple bumps that made me pause wondering if my car was going to break into pieces. I took it easy and let off the gas and took a not ideal line through the swale crossing to save the car which was frustrating but we can't expect perfection out there with what we have to work with. I did see a couple cars get claimed by the rough surface, Ryan "Hurly" McClune's alignment got so bent out of shape I don't know what he hit but we got him adjusted back close enough to finish the day and get 3rd BRI! Great day!
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Re: Thanks AX team

Postby ttweed on Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:32 am

Yeah, the swale finally claimed my front splitter, but it had been ground down continuously in both lots and on the street over the last two seasons. Thanks to Gary Burch for cutting off the dangling piece so I could finish my timed runs. I was too jacked on adrenaline from trying to catch Martin and having someone yell that I was dragging something under the car to handle the knife without hurting myself in the process, in all likelihood. :lol:

Congrats to Martin for a masterful drive, as usual. I couldn't even match his best practice time, much less stay with him when he turned up the wick for timed runs. It was great to see him and Jennifer back at the stadium again. For sure, the AX team deserves kudos for running another seamless event. The Dakar Rally aspects of the SE lot certainly made it interesting. I'll consider a lift kit and some long-travel shocks next time, maybe something like this?

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Re: Thanks AX team

Postby Erik K on Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:59 pm

Tom, wonder what class that would be in? :D

Fun Event, Thanks to Everyone who makes these run smooth, Friday evening I was doing errands, driving on Friars road and saw the team spinning test laps in the dust bowl. I haven't driven at an autocross since last June, I'll tell you what I haven't seen such a stacked top 20 times in a long time! I had to work real hard for my 12th Overall!  :bowdown:

Adam Congrats on BRI, glad I could give you a run for your money and keep it close :rockon: , Looks like your car is dialed, and you are driving great. Was also cool to see Martin and Jennifer, You both Certainly have not lost any speed  :bowdown:

Here's my Timed run best lap, 59.0 We had the car set up with a touch too much rear grip, it was confidence inspiring in the fast corners, but "tight" in the tighter turns. Makes my Video look a lot more "in control" compared to some of my others.

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Re: Thanks AX team

Postby terryb on Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:47 pm

I'd also like to thank the AX team for yet another well run event! :rockon: It was great to see Martin, Jennifer and Tom again, though I wish the time away made them a little slower... :wink: The track was very fun while trying to learn how to drive the Cayman...except for the swale.

Maybe it's moot since there might not be that many more events at the Q, but I agree with Gary that SE lot track design should start with the 2 possible swale crossings and work backward from there. I took Adam Gill's advice (sly trickery?) to drive like Miss Daisy through there, but I still heard and felt a lot of scraping. I worked that corner and I cringed when some of the cars came through. Here's a short compilation of swale crossings in my four timed runs. (Thanks to Gary for letting me borrow his suction cup hood mount.)
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