Zone 8 Ax Photos

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Zone 8 Ax Photos

Postby Greg Phillips on Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:27 pm

Photos are up on google for today's Zone 8 event.

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Re: Zone 8 Ax Photos

Postby ttweed on Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:37 am

Thanks for the pics, Greg! And congrats to Adam for a masterful drive on a difficult course. I can't believe how quick Terry was too--a mostly stock Cayman S is not supposed to be that fast. It's all about the driver in this case for sure, beating even the GT4s and most of the GT3s! I have won or lost plenty of times by a hundredth of a second or two, but this is only the second time in 20 years of autocrossing that I have had had the exact same time as someone else. The first was at the old EVOC course in Devore back in the late '90s when I finally tied with Jerry Sturm after chasing him for two years. As I remember, it was still nearly another year before I actually beat him, though. He was quite an amazing driver in his 2-liter '67 911S, so smooth it never looked like he was going very fast, but his times would tell the tale.

I was nervous and distracted for timed runs yesterday because I somehow pulled a "Bumpus" and suffered a puncture in the right rear tire sometime during or after the second practice session. It was a slow leak, only 3 pounds down from what I expected when I got in the car for timed runs, but worrisome, nonetheless. As I drove around to warm the engine and tires before going to the grid, it didn't gain any pressure. I went out to the trailer, blew it up by 4 PSI, and made my first runs with an eagle eye on the TPMS display, which didn't help with getting a good, clean lap in. The tire didn't go flat, but it wasn't gaining pressure like it should have during the first two laps, lagging 3 PSI behind the left rear. I tried to put the problem out of my mind for the third lap and managed to post a decent time, ignoring my visions of disaster involving a deflated tire and a destroyed rim, etc. The tire gained another pound of pressure in that lap, but it still lagged the left rear by 4 pounds. I felt safe enough to take another lap and finished my timed runs (without improving over the third lap), but I was still distracted. I went to the trailer and blew the tire up to 40 PSI for the trip home, hoping I could make the 15 miles without it going flat. By the time I packed up and left, it was down to 35 PSI, and I drove home watching the TPMS display constantly. I parked it in the garage with 30 PSI still in the tire (whew!). This morning, the tire was completely flat, so I'll have to take it off, find the puncture, and have it patched, if possible.

I am a total fan of TPMS systems at this moment! I don't think I would have even attempted timed runs in one of my old air-cooled cars in this situation, without being able to monitor pressures in real time.

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