Beware Bad Porsche Paint Facilities

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Beware Bad Porsche Paint Facilities

Postby Gearheadgirlie on Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:36 pm

Ellen Liddle here. Wanted to pass along a cautionary tale to everyone so you don't have to experience what I just went through. My car had rock chip damage after a construction truck rained down rocks. Ugh. Anyway, my husband tried to be helpful and selected Bumper2Bumper. He took my car in on 12/21/2017. I just got it back on 3/23/2018. That's right, 3 months on a car that was not in a collision. He repainted the entire car. Every day I was supposed to pick it up, there was some reason why I couldn't. Too much to talk about along the way, so let's skip to the final product.

Enameled hood badge was badly damaged, to which Memo replied, the enamel possibly flaked off from our washers as they don't last forever, especially under Hawaii conditions (where I lived before). Badge was purchased and put on in 2015. Not sure what being in Hawaii has to do with it since it was always garaged. Also, I have pictures of what it looked like when it was taken in, and upon completion. Night and day difference.

Passenger door handle has scratches. He said it was already there. Pictures taken by insurance adjuster shows otherwise. Handle was in perfect shape.

Let's talk about the paint job. The hood looks mottled for lack of a better term. Dark and light blotches, like a dalmatian. The hood doesn't match the fenders or the bumper. He stated they redid the bumper twice. The hood has a ton of swirl marks (yes, I know they can be removed), but why on a newly painted car would there be swirl marks in the first place? When you feel the paint, it's rough, like when you need to clay your car. Not sure if it was painted when dirt was present? Another part of the car shows paint drip, on the back lid one of the tips of the vertical members is missing paint on the tip. When you open the back deck lid, there is a lot of overspray.

Not sure what happened, but the battery had to be replaced which I had to pay for or I wouldn't have been able to get the car when I did. The Porsche battery wasn't even a year old. Possibly damage from not tending to it correctly during the 3 months they had it? (someone will have to let me know on that...) When I got in the car, the airbag light was on. He commented that it would go off after a few restarts. Okay Porsche folks, you should all know that is not how it works (even I know that). You have to have computer software in order to reset and clear it. The PCM also doesn't work now either. I immediately drove it over to the Porsche dealer and they cleared the airbag for me, but the other requires a lot more detective work. The screen is blank and won't power up. So Porsche has to figure out what happened.

More Interior: The passenger window was not reinstalled correctly so now there is a lot of wind noise and you can feel the air coming in. I have a coupe and there wasn't an issue before.
They did not install the trim pieces correctly by the door handles (both sides). Have those pictures too. There is now a stain on the passenger seat that was not there before. Passenger side piece now has cuts in the leather (also not there before). His comment, it's an old car (2006) and you didn't notice before. Well, I can tell you, I detail my own car (as many of you do) and I know for a FACT those things were not there.

LADIES: He likes to call you "baby, honey, sweetie..." and used in the most condescending, dismissive manner. I put a stop to that pretty quick.

I have an appointment with Philip Thearles on Wednesday for an estimate. Will call Amato's for an estimate as well.


PS If you would like to see pictures just text me at 661-644-9972.
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Re: Beware Bad Porsche Paint Facilities

Postby bw993 on Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:08 am

Sorry to hear about your awful experience with Bumper2Bumper. I had a bad experience with them a couple of years ago, when I took my 2014 Cayman to see about getting a minor bumper scratched repaired. They quote me >$2400 to repair a 0.5" dimpled scratch on the bumper of a near new car, and I totally started laughing at the estimator. Total rip-off.
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Re: Beware Bad Porsche Paint Facilities

Postby kleggo on Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:53 am

Sorry to hear about these issues.
I highly recommend
Performance Collisions Plus on Andreason in the escondidio auto mall area, ask for Ryan Hensche.
Don't go to Amato's

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