Call for Zone 8 Rules Change Proposals for 2019

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Call for Zone 8 Rules Change Proposals for 2019

Postby rshon on Wed May 16, 2018 12:39 pm

Now that we've got several months of 2018 club activities under our belt, it is Rules Proposal Season in Zone 8. If you have been participating in a Zone 8 Autocross, Time Trial, Concours, or Rally, now's your chance to submit rules change proposals for 2019.

The current Zone 8 Rules can be found here:

The Zone 8 Rules Proposal process can be found here:

It is important to include the following in your proposal:

1) Please tell us what the issue or problem is and what rule you believe should be changed to fix it. The most important concepts the Rules Committee needs are: What is going wrong. What is unfair, unsafe or otherwise broken. Who does it effect and how does it affect them.

2) If possible, please propose suggestions for changing the rule(s) in question. Providing data and analysis of results is always very helpful in supporting your suggestion.

3) Describe how the proposed rule changes would fix the problem and/or addresses the situation. In addition to clearly stating what you see is a problem, you must clearly demonstrate how and why your proposal resolves the situation. Please use data and explain your reasoning in a clear and logical manner. Often rule proposals are rejected because the Rules Committee does not understand the author's description of the problem or what the proposal is trying to do or change. Another frequent cause of rejection is when the proposed change doesn't appear to address the issue presented.

Please send your submission to The deadline for submitting proposals is June 30, 2018.

NOTE: Discussing possible proposals on bulletin boards DOES NOT qualify as the submission of a proposal to the Rules Committee, and expressing your views here WILL NOT guarantee that it is admitted as an official comment. Also, lobbying support for or against a particular proposal on a bulletin board WILL NOT strengthen your case.
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Re: Call for Zone 8 Rules Change Proposals for 2019

Postby 911TED on Sat May 19, 2018 8:22 am

How do folks feel about seeing modern car brake lights on the race track modified by the new flasher units???
My first experience with them was @ CFOS
Due to the age of my car, can I attach road flares to my front splitter??? :surr:
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