964 Oil Leak

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964 Oil Leak

Postby rhoadesco on Fri Nov 09, 2012 10:37 am

Thought I would check with the group. I just changed the oil and filter in my 964 and I wasn't as careful as I could be. I spilled some in taking the old filter off and a little bit in refilling it. I may have overfilled it slightly, the oil fill gauge reads full. My question is that I seem to have an oil leak right above the muffler, which is right below the filler and filter. I first chalked this up to the spillage but it doesn't seem to be letting up. I wanted to know if overfilling might contribute to oil being pushed out somewhere or if this is just a normal oil leak of something not being tightened up the way it should be?
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Re: 964 Oil Leak

Postby Steve Grosekemper on Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:29 pm


If you overfill the car it will smoke before it starts leaking out.
When you spill around the filter and filler it runs down the engine sheet metal and onto the muffler.
There can be a lot of oil in there that will continue to run off for quite a while.
Here are a couple oil tips for you:
When you change the oil on a 964 you must first remove the oil filter drain plug (inside RR fender) that lets the filter drain back to the tank.
(You will want to remove the RR wheel first)
Then when you remove the filter almost no oil spills out.
Then drain the engine case and oil tank remembering to replace the 22mm aluminum oil drain plug sealing washers.
Then change the oil filter.

Now pull the oil dip stick out before adding oil.
This will allow air to escape the top of the tank while you put in the fresh oil.
Now add oil very slowly. The hose from the filler cap to the tank is only the size of a garden hose and if you pour it in normally it will overflow all over the place.
If you see oil backing up in the filler-STOP!

After you have 5-6 quarts in the engine put the dipstick back in and start the car.
Add the rest of the oil with the engine running.
Only fill the engine with about 8 quarts and then let the engine get to temperature. (8 o'clock temperature position minimum)
Then add the rest of the oil until the gauge and stick read 50-60%.
Filling a 911 all the way to full will cause excessive oil consumption.

Now as for your leak. When the engine is cool put several; paper towels down on the right side of the engine just to the right of the right upper valve cover.
Let these soak up as much oil as possible. If your engine tray is on, remove it and clean the oil from there.
Dont forget to remove those paper towels before starting the engine again.

After all that if it is still leaking you may have another leak unrelated to the oil change

Good Luck,
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