ECU reprogram -- classification rules?

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ECU reprogram -- classification rules?

Postby jbrennen on Tue Aug 30, 2016 4:41 pm

In reference to something like the COBB Tuning Accessport, which allows changing ECU maps...

My question is how this would relate to CC classing, or if it's legal at all. The last paragraph of Appendix D reads: "Any engine management or mechanical changes, such as the ability to reflash or remap the engine management setup at the track that would produce increased engine performance beyond that declared in the declared average power shall be prohibited."

It's not clear to me whether this is a blanket prohibition on things like the Accessport, or if it basically means, "leave the Accessport at home."

One thing that leads me to believe that it's legal is the wording earlier in Appendix D which reads, "If the car has adjustable engine management it must be noted and described on the Dynamometer Certification form."

We're clearly operating on the honor system with respect to dyno numbers, and that somebody actually dynoed their car in competition configuration.

For instance, with my car, the Accessport offers "off-the-shelf" maps that would bump my car by about 16 peak horsepower, translating into 23 CC points. But would it be legal?

Finally, for the purposes of Appendix D, which treats "2WD Stick Shift" differently than "AWD or automatic", is a PDK considered an automatic?
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Re: ECU reprogram -- classification rules?

Postby rshon on Thu Sep 08, 2016 10:20 pm

Jack -

The subject of "switchable" modes which can increase the horsepower have come to the Rules Committee in the past, and the Committee ruled that if the horsepower mode can easily be changed at an event, points must be taken as if the switch is always "on" (or is set to the max setting). It is impossible to enforce HP increase rules any other way.

So if you are contemplating increasing HP via an ECU reflash, you would have to take points either by Section III - ASSESSMENT OF POINTS, Part D (Induction/ECU modification) or by Part M (Engine HP increase -- increase to be measured by dynomometer).

The language at the end of Appendix D is just clarifying the fact that reporting an upgraded HP figure via dyno measurement and then further increasing power at the track is basically cheating and is prohibited.

Why would you want to lower the HP, anyway?
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