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Source for 18" wheels for 981?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:28 pm
by Au981
Does anyone have a favorite local shop for wheels, and that could help source an inexpensive set of "track" wheels for a 981S?

Or do you have a take-off set needing a new home?

Feel free to respond privately if naming a vendor would violate forum rules. Or delete this post if completely inappropriate. (I'm new here.)


Re: Source for 18" wheels for 981?

PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 12:05 pm
by ttweed
Check out the official site for PCA-SDR classifieds:

There is a set of 18" Cayman wheels for sale there very cheap that would probably work for you. Don't know if they are already sold--sometimes those ads get stale if people don't delete them when sold. Perhaps Monte will chime in, I think they're his.