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Center Locks and Charlie's

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:51 am
by Old Guy
Story starts with the fact that I had a good set of slightly used Michelins in my garage, and the tires on our car are trashed. Yeah, I have the torque wrench and axle stands, but last night I got back from Thailand and this weekend I have to drive our Carrera GTS to New Mexico and back and I simply don't have the time to DIY. Was afraid to trust my autocross trashed tires on a 2000 mile+ upcoming trip. My usual and very accomplished Oceanside tire/wheel shop told me they could mount tires, but couldn't balance them. "Call the dealer," they suggested. Yeah, right: great idea. Honest.

Called Niko at Charlie's: "help" I cried. "We can help you," he answered. Hauled the tires I had down in my wife's car and left the tires and GTS with Niko while we disappeared walking down the 101 to chow down on some lunch. Couple of hours later, in like Flynn (sorry young' don't even know what I'm talking about).

Niko has the machines to mount/balance super wide, expensive, low profile wheel/tire sets, plus the tools needed for Porsche center lock GT3 and GTS wheels; did a great job. He cleaned off all of the old sticky weight residue, Castrol magic gunk stuff inside the center lock units, as well cleaning up the inside of the wheels. Know what? They're black on the inside!!

Niko did much of the work himself while allowing me to watch and learn. I'm happy. Tires look great!!

I'm happy... :beerchug: