10/16/22 PECLA convoy and Peterson Automotive Museum after

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10/16/22 PECLA convoy and Peterson Automotive Museum after

Postby halfmonkey on Tue Oct 11, 2022 6:06 pm

On 10/16/22, PCA SDR will be hosting an event with multiple parts and I wanted to help clear up any confusion as I've received some questions. To briefly summarize, the event will consist of a convoy from Carlsbad to PECLA, then a convoy from PECLA to the Peterson Automotive Museum, and then a private tour of the Museum and The Vault.

1) You can either meet directly at the Museum. 2) You can meet at PECLA and then convoy together to the Museum. or 3) You can meet at Carlsbad and convoy to PECLA and then we'll convoy from PECLA to the Museum.

If you want to attend the Museum tour, regardless of where you're meeting the group, you will need to register on Motorsportreg.com at this link. http://msreg.com/PetersenAutoMuseum

If you're attending the Museum tour but planning to meet the group at either option 2 (at PECLA) or option 3 (at Carlsbad), you will also need to register at this link. http://msreg.com/pcasdr-pecla-convoy-october2022

Hopefully, this clarifies the situation but if not, please feel free to ask additional questions below. Hope to see you on Sunday.

For those that are meeting at PECLA and want to convoy together to the Museum, we will meet at about 11:15am to collect the group and then head out together. Please look for me with my hat that says HALFMONKEY and I'll be driving the bright blue smurf colored Spyder.
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