Breaking News (not fake)3 PCASDR members make Parade history

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Breaking News (not fake)3 PCASDR members make Parade history

Postby kleggo on Tue Jun 20, 2023 7:20 pm

Lisa Gould and her partner Jessica Toney (I think)
along with
Paul Young Senior and Paul Young Junior ( in their Zanzibar Red 997) tied for first place at the Parade rally.
ZERO points were "earned" by the two teams tieing them for 1st place.
Apparently there's no way to break a tie since it was never considered that two teams would tie with zero points.
= history.

Hopefully the National Rally chair (and proud papa) Tom Gould will add additional info.

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Re: Breaking News (not fake)3 PCASDR members make Parade his

Postby tb911 on Mon Jul 03, 2023 7:55 pm

This is so cool. These are indeed the right people for this honor. 75 % San Diego, 75% "former" Parade Kids. (Lisa, Paul Jr & Jessica all grew up going to Parades.) And all 4 have a long history with rallies as well as Parade.
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