Transport and support for Laguna Seca

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Transport and support for Laguna Seca

Postby sean996 on Sun Nov 05, 2023 9:34 am

Hey all,

Like many of you I really miss autox at the Q.

The wife and I have been making it up to Laguna Seca 2-3x a year.. sort of mini vacation going up there vs the local tracks.

I’m looking for other transport and/or support services to get cars up there. There’s a place in Riverside county that wouldn’t be as painful if I could get someone to split it. It was around $3-4k and I think they could take up to three cars. I’ve not spoke to them for more than a year so maybe things have gone up. I’d be happy to reach out again if there’s any interest in a ride share…?

Another option is a driver for my enclosed trailer which fits two cars. I have had a buddy who’s a pro race car mechanic do it when he’s in between jobs but he’s just getting busier. If you think you could pilot the truck and trailer that’s a huge benefit.. track support would just be a huge bonus which the one outfit offers because they’re already sending their rig up there. If you are interested in driving the truck and trailer up for $ I’d be interested in that also. You’d probably want to have towing experience before taking this on.. and I’m not sure how insurance would work if your being paid but I thought I’d throw it out there.

I’ve ran with pca ggr region several times and there’s other clubs that put on great events with lots of seat time. GGR event is usually not until later in the year… be nice to do something before then. The noise restrictions can be a pain but I’ve got my cars to pass for 93 db days… happy to help with that if it’s an issue or unknown.

Thanks for any thoughts, input etc.

Sean Dynes
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