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6 Stages of Porsche Addiction in SD

PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2020 8:04 pm
by Tom Helvey
1 - You can't find Vollig Autowerks without Google Maps.
2 - You can get there without Google Maps, but you only know one way.
3 - You know of more than one way to get there but you've never heard of Bear's Tires.
4 - You've heard of Bear's but you have to use Google Maps to find it.
5 - You realize that it's a quick drive down Carroll Rd to Trade Pl.
6 - You no longer miss the Bear's Tires sign and you know of at least 4 ways to get to Vollig. :)

Blew out my AOS at Chuckwalla, got it fixed and finally got plates for my tire trailer, got new gomme for Laguna Seca, ready to roll. :)
Love my Porsche.