AiM Solo 2 DL OBDII Data on 986.2

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AiM Solo 2 DL OBDII Data on 986.2

Postby Tom Helvey on Mon May 25, 2020 6:27 pm

Car: 2004 986.2 Boxster S
I recently got a Solo 2 and SmartyCam setup installed in my car.
It's an awesome tool without data from the OBDII port but it would be even cooler if I could capture the engine RPM and throttle position.
According to the AiM website ... tm#porsche, the OBDII ISO9141_2 config should work.
It doesn't. With that config, I get no data whatsoever.
I've tried disabling everything but RPM and TPS, setting the polling interval to 1Hz for things I'm not interested in. No joy.
If I can get engine RPM, I've got a nifty math channel set up to calc the current gear.
Has anyone had any luck getting OBDII data on 986's? If so, what did you do?
Tom Helvey
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