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Postby Steve Grosekemper on Sat Dec 16, 2006 6:25 pm

After making some new rules announcements at the AX today some people came to me with questions about where they would be posted and other issues listed on the forum.

They seemed to have problems weeding through the posts.
Now this is really rudimentary stuff but maybe you have a life that doesn't revolve around this website... :roll: If this helps great, if you already know about it even better! :wink:

So here are a few shortcuts for regular visitors:

1- After your are registered (won't work for guests) you can create a shortcut to your desktop that will send you directly to posts that have been made since your last visit. This way you will know if there was a single post made to a 7 page thread without having to check everything.

Go the the forum home page

On the top banner all the way to the right are three lines:

PCA SDR Forum Index View posts since last visit
View your posts
View unanswered posts

Click - PCA SDR Forum Index View posts since last visit

If you do this after reading all new posts it will say

No topics or posts met your search criteria

Now send a shortcut to your desktop
File>Send>Shortcut to Desktop. (IE Users)

Now you can just click it and go right to whatever posts have been made since your last visit.

The Icon on your desktop will say PCA SDR. You can just change it to New Forum Posts. Or whatever is easiest for you to remember.
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